Thankful for my Name (LOVE my name), but frustrated other people share it.  

Posted by brookeaprilrain

So, at work there are 2 or 3 other Brooke's, and we each every now and then receive e-mails designated for the other. So, today I get this phone call, and it surprised me because I couldn't figure out at first why he was contacting me because I had nothing to do with the product he was contacting me about. Needless to say the call belonged to another Brooke in the company. This reminds me of when I was in Kindergarten and I had my first taste of being mixed up with another Brooke.

This girl Brooke W. and I were in the same Kindergarten class our teacher Mrs. Woods was an older lady (I remember her being taller than me of course, but now she'd be WAY shorter than me). Anyways, to get to our bus, she wrote our names on a slip of paper and pinned the papers to us. Then from there we were put on a bus so we could get home (I of course had early kindergarten, which was awesome!). Well, from what I remember I didn't recognize anything that we were driving past, and it was one of the last stops, and I Knew I wasn't by my house. This lady get's on the bus at the very last stop and asks me if my name is Brooke. I of course said yes, but then she asked me if I was Brooke W. I of course said No. Then she asked me the same question again. Why on earth she did I have NO clue, but either way I started crying at that point cause I had no idea who this lady was. The Bus driver could sense my distress, and called into the school. It turns out my teacher mixed my name tag up with Brooke W.'s name tag. After that, every day when Kindergarten ended one of my parents was always there to pick me up. I even remember always going out to eat with them after, I was such a lucky little kid. My parents are the best!

So, as you can see, this has been a problem since I was young, and continues on to this day. Hopefully someday it will end, but you never know.

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