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So, I talked to DeEtte last night, and Chad is in a Lot of pain. He was awake the whole night, and they went to the doctor yesterday. They gave him some morphine so that he would at least be able to sleep for a few hours. I thought I'd spare everyone and avoid sending you pictures of the burns, but let me just say they are bad. I feel horrible for him, the pain has to be intense I just could not imagine. Anyways, they said his face should heal within 10 days, but his hand. That's gonna take quite some time to heal. Keep him in your prayers....

On another side note...I'm selling my Car YAY!!!!!! I'm selling it cheap, $1000. Yep, that's right! This is the AD I posted on craigslist and


I must part with the Silver Bullet, yes that's right. The Silver Bullet, this car is amazing he's been my best friend. He can be your best friend too! Who would not WANT a Silver Bullet of their very own. When I think of this car, I think of speed, and agility. Okay so the car is actually really fast he just needs a few repairs to get him back up to the shape he was in when I got him.

Silver Bullet offers the following spectacular features, they are:

- Cruise Control

- CD Player

- Power Steering

- Traction Control

- Rear Defrost

- Power Windows

- Automatic

And these are just to name a few. I'll have pictures posted on 11/11/2009 so you can see the amazing features for yourself.

If you are interested in this car please get in touch with me, and I'll be more than happy to discuss the car further.

Thank you!!

So, if you're interested in owning a Silver Bullet, let me know...haha!

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