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Today I have a lot to be thankful for. I have AWESOME parents who look out for me a lot. I have wonderful friends, and amazing family members that are supportive of my decisions not all of them, but some of the are. I feel bad because my family isn't as close as it once was when I was kid. I remember when we would have meals together, and watch movies together. It was so important that we did these things together. I get that everyone grows up, and moves on. However, I miss them all, I miss how it once used to be. It will never be that way again, I know that but...anyways enough of that.

I had a really fun weekend, I hung out with my room mate Diana, my friend Leslie, and her sister Ashlee. What an amazing weekend! I was really tired, and I've been trying to get more sleep. So, we were sitting in the car, and out of no where I was like "I think I'm gonna try to get more sleep tonight, more than I usually get. That's just a suggestion to myself". Okay so I didn't really think it was that funny, but the "That's just a suggestion to myself" thing had everyone in the car laughing. I started laughing too...but I really was making a suggestion to myself so...oh well...even when you are not even trying to be funny people think you are.

The rest of the weekend was a lot of fun. I have amazing friends, they all make me laugh REALLY hard...

So, that's about it from me...I hope everyone has an amazing and wonderful Thanksgiving. We ALL have so much to be thankful for, and I hope that all of you are able to see the wonderful blessings each of you have in your lives.

Love you!



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So, I had an Awesome weekend. I went to St. George with my parents to see my Brother Bill and his family. I had a Blast, I love my nieces and nephew. The girls kept asking me to tell stories, because I tell them all the amazing blonde moments I have and for some reason they like it. haha go figure. On Saturday Morning after I told the first round of stories, my niece Paysen woke me up and told me that she had a story for me. She's only four so I was really surprised, but excited to hear that she had a story for me. So, she sits down on the floor and crosses her legs. Then she starts "Once upon a time, Brexton(her little brother) got lost. We couldn't find him anywhere. Kierra went without shoes so we could find him, and it was really hot outside. Sage(next door neighbor) told us we had to call the police, and then Kierra was still without shoes so she hurt her feet really bad. Then we found Brexton, the end". I laughed so hard through the whole story, because here is this four year old telling me a good story. Needless to say she was so cute, and so funny. Love that kid, love all the kids. I'm really glad I went.

I also have a lot of respect for my brother. I used to think he was WAY protective of his girls, but when I went out in public with them I could see why. I felt protective of them myself, because of the stares the girls were getting. It creeped me out almost, and bothered me all at the same time. What I mean by that is, my brother wanted to teach girls about Gun safety. So, my Dad took his guns and we went to the range (FYI, you don't want me on your side if we go into battle. I can't close my left eye without closing my right...ask anyone who knows about guns you should be able to close your left eye when shooting otherwise you are WAY off target). Anyways, while we were there, creepy guys were staring at them and it just really bothered me a lot. They seemed to really enjoy going to the range, but I was distracted for sure. All in all though, I think they learned more about guns then they ever expected to, I guess if you hang out with my Dad for an afternoon, you will one of the following things:


I think he's really passionate about them, just ask him I'm sure he will tell you. Or he will show you his awesome pictures, which lets face it, we can all look at those all day long. I often stare off into the pictures on the calendar that he gave us last year for Christmas. I'm going to be sad when next year comes around, because something tells me we aren't going to be getting a new calendar with his pictures. A girl can hope right? Maybe he'll read this blog and get the hint...haha

anyways, that's it from me for now. Hope all is well with you, my thoughts and prayers are with you!



Really Fast!  

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Around the world. If you don't know that game it's okay. It's kinda of stupid but addicting just like bunko! Anyways, I played it last night with my singles ward, and LOST every time. Of course you're supposed to be able to run, and I'm not quite there..

So, I'm back to not getting enough sleep, I swear I'm an insomniac. I'm killing myself by only getting 3 and 4 hours a sleep a night. I just don't know what else to do. I don't do well on sleeping pills, so that's out. I'll just have to start forcing myself to get home and get sleep.

I'm looking forward to going with my parents to see my Brother and his family this weekend. It's sad when you start counting down the days.. haha! I miss my brother and his family, and I'm WAY stoked.

Anyways, this was all I could think to write. Life is too crazy to mention in this blog. I'd probably bore you, so to save you the trouble of being bored I'll keep it short and sweet!

LOVE you all!!!!

Interesting Week  

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Last Week, the company I work for had a private concert for the CEO. Now mind you, this was a private party and not fully supported by the company, just the CEO Patrick Byrne. Anyways, at the party they had Jason Mraz perform. Now I thought that was WAY cool! So, I show up, get right up front. Then I get a crummy picture like this:


I thought it would have turned out better, you can't even tell it's Jason Mraz. I was so excited about the concert, and I was a total blonde and only took ONE picture of him. Mistake I will never make again.

Also, this week at work there were two singers who came in who are in the There names are Joey and Rory, they were on "Can you Duet". They sure can, and I can testify of that. They performed live right outside our office building, to a small group of us. I thought it was so cool. This is them singing in the Overstock Commercial:

It's so cute! This is one song people have said they love:

Anyways, here's me meeting them:


I was posing for another camera so that's why we're facing a different direction. I just think it's cool I got to meet them.

Anyways, that's the exciting part of my week. The rest of my week has been pretty dull. I am however looking forward to going to St. george with my parents next week to see my brother and his kids. I"m really excited actually, because they are far away I feel like my nieces and nephew don't know me. I guess the same could be said for the nieces and nephews I have here in Salt Lake. I just wish my schedule weren't so demanding. I've been busy every day this week, including last week. There is always stuff that has to get done. Plus I don't ever want to be a burden to my family by just showing up at their door. I see Dee a lot, but she doesn't live that far from me. I also wish the economy were better, you know?

Anyways, that's it from me this week. I've had all kinds of fun as you can tell, too bad next week won't be as fun.