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Today I have a lot to be thankful for. I have AWESOME parents who look out for me a lot. I have wonderful friends, and amazing family members that are supportive of my decisions not all of them, but some of the are. I feel bad because my family isn't as close as it once was when I was kid. I remember when we would have meals together, and watch movies together. It was so important that we did these things together. I get that everyone grows up, and moves on. However, I miss them all, I miss how it once used to be. It will never be that way again, I know that but...anyways enough of that.

I had a really fun weekend, I hung out with my room mate Diana, my friend Leslie, and her sister Ashlee. What an amazing weekend! I was really tired, and I've been trying to get more sleep. So, we were sitting in the car, and out of no where I was like "I think I'm gonna try to get more sleep tonight, more than I usually get. That's just a suggestion to myself". Okay so I didn't really think it was that funny, but the "That's just a suggestion to myself" thing had everyone in the car laughing. I started laughing too...but I really was making a suggestion to myself so...oh well...even when you are not even trying to be funny people think you are.

The rest of the weekend was a lot of fun. I have amazing friends, they all make me laugh REALLY hard...

So, that's about it from me...I hope everyone has an amazing and wonderful Thanksgiving. We ALL have so much to be thankful for, and I hope that all of you are able to see the wonderful blessings each of you have in your lives.

Love you!


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