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I'm in pain, need I say more. I knew the surgery would be pain, but OH BOY! it is bad...I'm trying to be tough. I remember a time when my brother went through Knee surgery so I had an inkling it would hurt, but I underestimated the pain. So, to my brother I LOVE YA more than words can say. I feel your pain.. They put two sugar screws in my knee, and I can feel them every time I move. This is the one and only time I'll probably ever say this...I'll pass on the "Sugar" Thank you.

Anyways, Mom and Dad have been way awesome. They've been taking care of me. It's kinda awesome to see Dad go and get me things for a change. Not that he never has, but it's kind of a constant thing. I almost feel bad for him, that is until he made me the best Ham Sandwhich I've ever eaten. I think he told me how he made it, but boy oh boy....I'll take another any day. In fact we should have a family get together just so Dad can make his Awesome Ham Sandwich for Everyone. We should invite Aunts and Uncles from both sides of the family. Just so that they can all see Dad in the kitchen cooking. haha! I can't get over it. It's hilarious.

In other news I was supposed to do "Girlfriends Getaway" this weekend. I am on the Staff for it, and couldn't go because I had to have the surgery. I hope she'll do this next year, because I would sincerely love to go. They hold it at YMCA's Camp Roger, just past Park City. I'm confident that I'll eventually get to go. I just feel bad because I have friends going who are only going because I was going to go. Oh well, I know they'll have fun...

Also, at church, they've sort of given me 2 callings..not sure they meant to. The first one was to be Public Affairs, and that came from the Bishop. Then the 2nd counselor came up to me on Sunday and asked me to be on the Activities Committee. I can't believe it...I'm happy to do both, but I know that there are single adults who don't have a calling yet. I guess we'll have to see what the bishop has to say when I am able to attend church. Because as soon as I am they are going to give me my calling(s). I love my ward, I have a lot of fun with them, and can't wait to spend more time with them. I just need to get life out of the way first. You know?

Anyways, so that's it from me. I've been sleeping, and eating and trying to get over the pain. Hopefully next week will be more fun.




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Mis-understood lyrics...I just had to add this, it's HILARIOUS!


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Elijah Wood's Dancy Dance...boy this is VERY Scary so be prepared. This one is the same but just music added:


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Also in honor of the U.S. olympians...

Getting Better  

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This week has already started to get better. I had a very good conversation with my Brother Bill this morning. He's very insightful on matters of life and living. I just never get to talk to him so I didn't even know that about him. The fact that people think emotionally and not logically never occurred to me. I think with a lot of logic, and I accept that people can and will be critical of me at times. So, I'm very open to criticsm from others. I hear it on a daily basis so...maybe that's why. I just never realized that I'm that much different than other people. While I'm sitting here thinking logically about things, other people are thinking emotionally about things. I'm just really going to be careful about how I approach people. It's so hard to talk to people about anything really. There just seems like there is so much energy involved in talking to people about things. I guess it's no wonder I often just let things go. It's just too much to deal with. Anyways, it was a very cool conversation, and I would love to have more of those conversations with my brother.

As for the rest of the weekend it was crazy. It turns out that I was added to the rental insurance. So, I'm in the clear on that, but there is a $500 deductible and all I can think is. OH Crap! Oh well, you can only do what you can do. I'm just thankful I'll be able to get something recovered.

Also, Sunday was really cool. My room mate and I were asked if the members of the ward could come over to our house for game night. It was a lot of fun. We played Disney Trivial Pursuit which took FOREVER. We played TV Scene It, and Harry Potter Scene it. After that we watched the movie "Stardust" That was a lot of fun. What was even more fun, was we also went to the park by my house. That was fun because we all got to walk around to talk and get to know each other. I had a lot of fun doing that just because I got to know people from my ward better. I also was given a calling yesterday. My calling is now 'Public Affairs', and it sounds pretty awesome to me. I'm just excited to have a calling now, it's been a while since my last calling so I'm looking forward to serving.

This weekend just really was a lot better, I did have a hard time falling asleep most nights, but that's understandable. Last night was a lot better, and I was able to fall asleep a lot easier. Hopefully it continues to get better.

I also got a phone call from my surgeon, he's really taking an interest in my case. Mostly because in the MRI it shows that the ligament is completely torn. He wants to talk to me on the phone about all of my options to make sure that I do what's right for my knee. I have to say it will be nice to play volleyball again once this is over. I'm sick of my knee just randomly giving out. It hurts so bad when it does...and it's cool that the pain goes away after 10 minutes, but still I'd rather not have the pain at all. You know? Anyways, that's all from me this week.

Bad Day...  

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So, last week was bad, but this week is way worse. Let me explain...

I went to the doctor to discuss the options I have with my knee. He confirmed that I tore my ACL, and I have to have surgery. Then on that same day I discovered that to fix my car it was going to cost A LOT more than I expected. Then I get a phone call from my room mate. Someone broke into our house. They stole:

My Laptop and accessories
My Digital Camera
The Dr. Pepper I bought that was in my fridge
My room mates DVD Player
Her Digital Camera
Her Tithing
Her Jewelry
two sticks of her deodarant
Her watches

The worst part about that is apparently the insurance company that we requested to have me added some how never added me. So, I may not get compensation for my losses. So, as frustrated as I am about all of that...I have to say...things happen for a reason. Only the lord knows the thoughts and the intents of the thieves hearts. Maybe they were desperate...I don't know. However, I do know that despite all of this I know the Lord will help. I don't even doubt it, and as much as I would like to have my stuff back...I just have to know that things will get taken care of accordingly. I always say "What goes around comes back around". I feel sorry for the people that felt they needed to steal from us. I pray for them even now...

One of the funnier things that happened is I had a picture of this sign that said "Closed For Clining, SORRY!" on the the door to my bedroom. What's funny about that is I had closed the door to my bedroom. Well, they didn't go in my room because I had that sign on my door. I'm thankful for that at least...Cause I had some expensive stuff in there that they probably could have stolen.

Anyways, that's my drama, and now that part of my drama has happened. I'm going to take a break from drama for a while. I NEED IT. I'll probably go hang out at my parents house again..there is relatively no drama there. Unless you count the times Gus (the dog) gets into trouble for using the floors as his toilet.


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SO, officially last week was the worst week ever. Work really stressed me out cause I just screwed up at work. I screwed up with my family, and I won't even go there. Also, to top it off a close friend told me that basically her family thinks I'm a hypocondriac which sucks, cause who knows if they are right or wrong maybe I am and just don't know it. Either way...I had many a sleepless night this weekend. The few wonderful things to come out of that horrible week were:

1. I got to spend the weekend with my Mother...which was awesome
2. I went to my Niece Josie's baptism, she's so cute!
3. I got the new Stephenie Meyers book, I got it for free, and I received an autographed copy.

Needles to say I'm pretty stoked about that last one, I can hardly believe my luck. Anyways, the book so far is really good. I got it Friday night, and I should have it finished up tonight. I haven't really had that much time to read it or I think I'd have had it fully read by Sunday.

Well, this week has definitely started out better. Before I took any actions this week I prayed and asked heavenly father to intervene on my behalf before I made another comment or did something else that's stupid. I just pray he continues to help me throughout the rest of this week. We'll have to see, I know he can only help us so much. He can't run our lives for us, we have to run our lives and it's up to us to choose what he has advised us to do.

Oh funny, and gross thing that happend. I won't be eating cereal in the near future. I was eating a bowl of cereal that I had poured for myself the other morning. Well, I was about to eat a spoonful of it, and there was an earwig in my cereal...OH MY GOODNESS. I washed my mouth out and at that moment, I vowed to examine my cereal before I EVER begin eating it. ugh, it's like this crap always seems to happen to me, like at Marie Calendars I found a used band aid in my salad. Now I don't eat at Marie Calendars, but I do buy her pot pies...haha

Also, last night I had an old friend over for dinner. My room mate made honey ham, cheesy potatos, and broccoli. Can I just tell you...that was an amazing meal! Even more fun we watched this episode I downloaded online of American Gladiators. By far it is the funniest episode I have ever seen in my life. I wish I could attach it to this message but the file is WAY too big. However, there is a link to this really funny thing this girl did in auditioning for American Gladiators. You'll have to check it out.

So, that's been my life so far. I've had so many low lows over last week that I'm just praying for a good week. So much of me says not to put any effort into anything anymore...cause your damned if you do and your damned if you don't. So...ugh I don't know which one would be worse.