Bad Day...  

Posted by brookeaprilrain

So, last week was bad, but this week is way worse. Let me explain...

I went to the doctor to discuss the options I have with my knee. He confirmed that I tore my ACL, and I have to have surgery. Then on that same day I discovered that to fix my car it was going to cost A LOT more than I expected. Then I get a phone call from my room mate. Someone broke into our house. They stole:

My Laptop and accessories
My Digital Camera
The Dr. Pepper I bought that was in my fridge
My room mates DVD Player
Her Digital Camera
Her Tithing
Her Jewelry
two sticks of her deodarant
Her watches

The worst part about that is apparently the insurance company that we requested to have me added some how never added me. So, I may not get compensation for my losses. So, as frustrated as I am about all of that...I have to say...things happen for a reason. Only the lord knows the thoughts and the intents of the thieves hearts. Maybe they were desperate...I don't know. However, I do know that despite all of this I know the Lord will help. I don't even doubt it, and as much as I would like to have my stuff back...I just have to know that things will get taken care of accordingly. I always say "What goes around comes back around". I feel sorry for the people that felt they needed to steal from us. I pray for them even now...

One of the funnier things that happened is I had a picture of this sign that said "Closed For Clining, SORRY!" on the the door to my bedroom. What's funny about that is I had closed the door to my bedroom. Well, they didn't go in my room because I had that sign on my door. I'm thankful for that at least...Cause I had some expensive stuff in there that they probably could have stolen.

Anyways, that's my drama, and now that part of my drama has happened. I'm going to take a break from drama for a while. I NEED IT. I'll probably go hang out at my parents house again..there is relatively no drama there. Unless you count the times Gus (the dog) gets into trouble for using the floors as his toilet.

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