28th Birthday, and the Bonnie Hunt Show  

Posted by brookeaprilrain

So, I couldn't find my Battery Charger for my Camera. So, I can't provide you with pictures. One thing I can say, they refused to let us take pictures at the show. So, let me tell you what happened while it's still on my mind.

We got there right before noon on Thursday, and stood in line to get into the studio. I went with my Room mate, and we ended up meeting these ladies in line. They were so cute, we talked about the show and it turns out one of the ladies shares a birthday with me. So, we talked quite a bit, and eventually got through the line and into the studio. The staff was absolutely amazing, we got a Hot Dog and a Rootbeer when we sat down in the studio which was a lot of fun. Seeing the set it was a lot smaller then I originall assumed it would be I guess everything looks bigger on camera.

The guy that gets the crowd excited and laughing started asking people where they were from. A lot of people raised there hands, and he eventually got to me and I was SO excited that I shouted it...so lame. Anyways, he got a kick out of me I guess, especially when I told him it was my Birthday. So, he gave me a Bonnie Hunt T-shirt. They don't just hand those shirts to everyone in the audience so I felt really lucky. Anyways, I asked him if he could get Don to do the Muppet Dance, it was the same dance he did when they had Elmo and Zoe on from Sesame street, and he did it! So exciting. Anyways, so during one of Bonnie's skits about Chocolate, my room mate Diana shouted out "It better be Godiva" and Bonnie called out "What Honey?" and the camera focused on us so we'll be on television.

Well, the first guest she had was Chloris Leachman, the woman is crazy. She put on a blonde wig, and pole danced. She also played the piano, and the purpose was to promote her new autobiography. Well, the part you may not see on the show, she was heading up the stairs to slide down the railing. They were worried about her Safety, so one of the crew members named Alec went up and told her he'd give her a piggy back ride. Well, that's exactly what happened, and he galloped with her on his back backstage. It was crazy...

After all the other guests were on and she interviewed them, and the show ended. Well she came into the audience and started to greet people. Well, when she finally got to my side I almost hyperventalated (spelled that wrong). I was freaking out because this is someone I watch on TV almost every single day. Well, anyways she gets over to us and shakes Diana's hand, and Diana tells her that she read one of my letters on her show, then we told Bonnie which letter it was and she said to me "nice to meet you"...and I shook her hand, and then said to her "You know, my parents are huge fans of you, and I am too" then I started crying. I'm such a dork! I was crying, and she hugged me and said "Oh honey, it's okay! I know television has such an influence on people." then she said "Thank you for giving me matarial for the show you're so sweet!" Then she walked away, I hugged her a second time and sat down. She also wished me a Happy Birthday. It was SO amazing...After she went back to the set, Don came over and gave me a hug, and I asked him if I could meet Holly (Bonnie's best friend). I was SO excited, I just kept telling her how much I loved the show and her and everyone on it, and she was so nice. We joked about the blue Chalk she put on as a joke. It was so awesome, I felt so lucky to get to meet them all.

Well, anyways, we stayed by the studios, and waited for the 6 o'clock taping. That one wasn't as eventful because I got sick right after Kathy Griffin was on, I had to leave during one of the commercials so they had to have someone sit in for me while I was away. I found out so much info about Bonnie from her staff. The one girl told me that Bonnie isn't currently planning on doing any new scripts or movies, but that she's been doing some writing for Pixar and such. So, I thought that was cool. Also, that Bonnie's niece drives her around while Bonnie sits in the back seat. I guess she doesn't want to be recognized, and who can blame her. With all of us standing around she probably didn't want people rushing to her asking for autographs.

Well, that was all on Thursday and it was amazing, Friday we went to the beach and hung out. I got a lot of great pictures, that I'll load some of them as soon as I find the charger. I think it's just in the camera case, but I accidentally left that at a friends house. So, as soon as I load them on to my computer I'll put them on here.

All in all this was one of the best Birthdays, but I came to one conclusion after all that happened. You don't make things happen by sitting there doing nothing, you have to get out into the world and experience things for yourself. Life can pass you by in an instant so it's up to us to make the most of it. We make our own dreams come true, no one does it for you.

So that was my Birthday!

Love you all!


The Bonnie Hunt Show  

Posted by brookeaprilrain

So, if you know me you know that I watch the Bonnie Hunt show almost Every day. I love how funny she is. So, this week for my B-day I'm flying out with my room mate to california to see the show. I'm so excited! I'll get the see the 2pm taping and the 6pm taping. Who knows who will be on, they wouldn't tell me on the phone when I they told me I could get tickets. So, we'll have to see. Anyways, all I know is..I'm stoked! Happy 28th Birthday to me!