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So, I've just been super tired lately. I come home straight from work and I crash. I've been sick, and it's been determined that I have Chronic Bronchitis. Let's face it life sucks! Last week I couldn't stop coughing, and within a 72 hour period I only slept for maybe 6 hours. I was crying every day, and didn't know what to do. I'd been to the doctor multiple times, and the antibiotics just weren't working. When I finally went to the ER they gave me Loratab, and I finally crashed. Although, I'm still sick I'm not as bad. I've been sick for a full 2 months, so let's just say I'm worn out. It's bad to get too much sleep, but then good when you're sick right? Anyways, if you can please pray for me I'm tired of coughing, and tired of being sick. I just need a miracle on this one, 2 months with a cough is just too much.

And the Sickness begins to fade...  

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So, I'm now able to breathe through my nose. HOORAY! Just thought I would share that, it's been three weeks and I can't even begin to tell you what a nightmare the last little while has been. I'm just so thankful that I was promised by Heavenly Father that I would heal..

So, today was somewhat of an interesting day. I work with this woman who hates mormonism and believes we worship Joseph Smith. She's pretty sneaky, she sends me christian music all the time. Today she asked me if I recognized this guy in this video, and the title ofthe video was "Born Again Mormon". I didn't know how to intrepret what she was doing, because she only asked me if I recognized him. However, the only thing I could think is the guy in the video is no longer LDS and she was trying to get me to say. "Send me that video". What?! No WAY! I'm sure she thinks she needs to save me from something, but I don't need saving. I know whats true and no amount of convincing from her end will EVER convince me that the LDS church isn't true. I know it's true, and will always know it's true.

So, that was my interesting day today, she's an interesting woman. I look forward to more random experiences like this. I will also choose to not take offense until she goes over the top. Let's just hope that's not anytime soon.


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Okay, so I got another stupid cold. So, I'm at home so I don't get anyone else sick. Hooray for me right? NOT! It would be better if I could breath, but alas this is not the case. I'll get by.

Anyways, there isn't anything TOO exciting going on. I was put in as the Primary Chorister in my ward, so Sundays are going to be Jam packed for me. YAY! At work I'm really doing well in my new position, and I'm showing great numbers better numbers than my co-workers. Who would have thought that I could be SO competitive. I hate competition, but when it comes to succeeding in a large company you almost have to. Maybe that's why I've lasted so long. I've been with Overstock.com for 7 years now, and that's a REALLY long time. Anyways, that's it from me.

If you have any ideas on how to teach Jr. Primary music I'm all ears...believe me this is going to be a HUGE challenge.

Getting used to things...  

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So, I'm getting used to things with work, and getting fit. I'm actually in a position that might work out better for me in the long run. We'll have to see, I'm not holding my breath.

As for Working out, I have a trainer and he's a lot of fun. Though I did call him a doodie head last night. He laughed at me because I think other people prefer to use foul language, but I just can't bring myself to even when he's pushing me Really hard. OH well, I go back on Wednesday let's hope it's just as hard so I can call him that again.


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So, I've been going through a lot of changes in my life the last two weeks. I went back to the gym and got a personal trainer. Let me tell you, it's been the craziest experience of my life. I'm SO thankful that I decided to do this, I am already beginning to feel better. I'm losing inches, etc. So, it's all a good thing.

Things at work changed as well, I moved to a different department and unfortunately requiring me to take a pay cut. Hopefully, I'll be able to make it up with Overtime but we shall see.

For now that's all that's new in my life, and for most that would be a tremendous change. However, this is the story of my life. There is Always something that is changing tremendously for me.


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If any one knows me they know I Hate the dentist, I've dentist's work on my mouth when it wasn't completely numb. Tears streaming down my face I vowed I would Never go back, then I met Dr. Dickson my boss at work recommended me to him because like me she has issues with the dentist too. Well, let me just tell you, if you need a good dentist who cares about how you're feeling when you go This is the guy to go to. His office if warm and inviting, he offers you a blanket in case you get cold. It's definitely worth it to see this guy, if you're interested let me know and I'll give you his number. Seriously, he's an amazing dentist.

Utah Food Bank  

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Yesterday, I went and donated a few hours to the Utah Food Bank. We put fish sticks in plastic bags. Let me just say this, if I never see a fish stick again it will be too soon. I love fish, but now that I know how fish sticks are sorted (Kinda like All processed foods) I realize it's not something I Ever want to eat. However, doing what we did was really cool, because these bags of fish sticks are going to help some needy family out there who could really use it.

If you are interested in donating a couple of hours to the food bank you should check out their website and sign up.


Here is some additional information that I found out:

Volunteers help out in our warehouse with a variety of projects including repackaging food, re-labeling food, packing senior food boxes, or sorting food drive. If you would like to come and volunteer in our warehouse by yourself or with one other person we always welcome the help. If there will be more than 2 people coming, please call to schedule your group in advance
Volunteers also help out with delivering senior food boxes. We require that you schedule at least two days in advance. If you will be delivering more than 10 boxes you must schedule at least one week in advance.
If you are interested in decorating senior food boxes and would like 50 or less, you may pick them up any time during our regular volunteer hours, listed below. If you would like more than 50 please call in advance so we can make sure we have enough.
If you need to schedule any groups larger than 2 people (school, church, family, business, etc) please call or email to schedule with Jennifer Layton JenniferL@utahfoodbank.org (801-887-1297) or Haley Greer HaleyG@utahfoodbank.org (801-887-1229) or Brandon Daniels BrandonD@utahfoodbank.org (801-887-1266).
Please also call any of the above numbers if you are interested in our Kids Café or senior yard care opportunities and we can direct you to the appropriate staff member.
Our volunteer hours are:
Monday thru Thursday: 10am to 9pm
Friday: 8am to 4pm
Saturdays: 8am to 2pm
Please note: Volunteers assisting in the warehouse must be at least 12 years old for safety reasons. Volunteers 12-15 years of age must always be supervised by an adult. Monday evenings from 4:30-6:00 and 6:00-7:30 children 6 years and over are allowed with adult supervision.
If you need to complete court ordered hours, please come to a mandatory orientation held each Monday at 4:00 PM and each Thursday at 6:00 PM. Bring court papers with you. Individuals who have committed crimes that are violent or sexual in nature are not able to complete court ordered community service here. Court ordered volunteers are not eligible to help with any projects off-site. All hours must be completed in our warehouse.
We are located at 3150 S. 900 W. Please call our main line at 801-978-2452 for directions.