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If any one knows me they know I Hate the dentist, I've dentist's work on my mouth when it wasn't completely numb. Tears streaming down my face I vowed I would Never go back, then I met Dr. Dickson my boss at work recommended me to him because like me she has issues with the dentist too. Well, let me just tell you, if you need a good dentist who cares about how you're feeling when you go This is the guy to go to. His office if warm and inviting, he offers you a blanket in case you get cold. It's definitely worth it to see this guy, if you're interested let me know and I'll give you his number. Seriously, he's an amazing dentist.

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I'm interested! I almost died the last time I went to the dentist! I'm not kidding! that was 5 years ago and I refuse to go to the dentist again! but I know I need to so even though I'll probably be bawling and needing scott to hold my hand I'll go as long as I know I can trust him not to kill me!

Yeah, he is a GREAT dentist, if you want his number just give me a call. Seriously, I hate going to the dentist but he makes it worth it.