Posted by brookeaprilrain

So, I've just been super tired lately. I come home straight from work and I crash. I've been sick, and it's been determined that I have Chronic Bronchitis. Let's face it life sucks! Last week I couldn't stop coughing, and within a 72 hour period I only slept for maybe 6 hours. I was crying every day, and didn't know what to do. I'd been to the doctor multiple times, and the antibiotics just weren't working. When I finally went to the ER they gave me Loratab, and I finally crashed. Although, I'm still sick I'm not as bad. I've been sick for a full 2 months, so let's just say I'm worn out. It's bad to get too much sleep, but then good when you're sick right? Anyways, if you can please pray for me I'm tired of coughing, and tired of being sick. I just need a miracle on this one, 2 months with a cough is just too much.

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