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SO, officially last week was the worst week ever. Work really stressed me out cause I just screwed up at work. I screwed up with my family, and I won't even go there. Also, to top it off a close friend told me that basically her family thinks I'm a hypocondriac which sucks, cause who knows if they are right or wrong maybe I am and just don't know it. Either way...I had many a sleepless night this weekend. The few wonderful things to come out of that horrible week were:

1. I got to spend the weekend with my Mother...which was awesome
2. I went to my Niece Josie's baptism, she's so cute!
3. I got the new Stephenie Meyers book, I got it for free, and I received an autographed copy.

Needles to say I'm pretty stoked about that last one, I can hardly believe my luck. Anyways, the book so far is really good. I got it Friday night, and I should have it finished up tonight. I haven't really had that much time to read it or I think I'd have had it fully read by Sunday.

Well, this week has definitely started out better. Before I took any actions this week I prayed and asked heavenly father to intervene on my behalf before I made another comment or did something else that's stupid. I just pray he continues to help me throughout the rest of this week. We'll have to see, I know he can only help us so much. He can't run our lives for us, we have to run our lives and it's up to us to choose what he has advised us to do.

Oh funny, and gross thing that happend. I won't be eating cereal in the near future. I was eating a bowl of cereal that I had poured for myself the other morning. Well, I was about to eat a spoonful of it, and there was an earwig in my cereal...OH MY GOODNESS. I washed my mouth out and at that moment, I vowed to examine my cereal before I EVER begin eating it. ugh, it's like this crap always seems to happen to me, like at Marie Calendars I found a used band aid in my salad. Now I don't eat at Marie Calendars, but I do buy her pot pies...haha

Also, last night I had an old friend over for dinner. My room mate made honey ham, cheesy potatos, and broccoli. Can I just tell you...that was an amazing meal! Even more fun we watched this episode I downloaded online of American Gladiators. By far it is the funniest episode I have ever seen in my life. I wish I could attach it to this message but the file is WAY too big. However, there is a link to this really funny thing this girl did in auditioning for American Gladiators. You'll have to check it out.

So, that's been my life so far. I've had so many low lows over last week that I'm just praying for a good week. So much of me says not to put any effort into anything anymore...cause your damned if you do and your damned if you don't. So...ugh I don't know which one would be worse.

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Just remember that your loved and we all have bad days and weeks. I know you are being tested just keep praying and read the scriputres and you will be okay. I enjoyed the week end also.

Dont worry sis. I am having a bad week as well. Ihad a bad couple of days too last week. Not everyday can be perfect but it just makes us stronger when we can get through them. If you are having a bad day you can always come to my house and play with the little ones. They love you tonz as well as Chad and I.