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So, I had an Awesome weekend. I went to St. George with my parents to see my Brother Bill and his family. I had a Blast, I love my nieces and nephew. The girls kept asking me to tell stories, because I tell them all the amazing blonde moments I have and for some reason they like it. haha go figure. On Saturday Morning after I told the first round of stories, my niece Paysen woke me up and told me that she had a story for me. She's only four so I was really surprised, but excited to hear that she had a story for me. So, she sits down on the floor and crosses her legs. Then she starts "Once upon a time, Brexton(her little brother) got lost. We couldn't find him anywhere. Kierra went without shoes so we could find him, and it was really hot outside. Sage(next door neighbor) told us we had to call the police, and then Kierra was still without shoes so she hurt her feet really bad. Then we found Brexton, the end". I laughed so hard through the whole story, because here is this four year old telling me a good story. Needless to say she was so cute, and so funny. Love that kid, love all the kids. I'm really glad I went.

I also have a lot of respect for my brother. I used to think he was WAY protective of his girls, but when I went out in public with them I could see why. I felt protective of them myself, because of the stares the girls were getting. It creeped me out almost, and bothered me all at the same time. What I mean by that is, my brother wanted to teach girls about Gun safety. So, my Dad took his guns and we went to the range (FYI, you don't want me on your side if we go into battle. I can't close my left eye without closing my right...ask anyone who knows about guns you should be able to close your left eye when shooting otherwise you are WAY off target). Anyways, while we were there, creepy guys were staring at them and it just really bothered me a lot. They seemed to really enjoy going to the range, but I was distracted for sure. All in all though, I think they learned more about guns then they ever expected to, I guess if you hang out with my Dad for an afternoon, you will one of the following things:


I think he's really passionate about them, just ask him I'm sure he will tell you. Or he will show you his awesome pictures, which lets face it, we can all look at those all day long. I often stare off into the pictures on the calendar that he gave us last year for Christmas. I'm going to be sad when next year comes around, because something tells me we aren't going to be getting a new calendar with his pictures. A girl can hope right? Maybe he'll read this blog and get the hint...haha

anyways, that's it from me for now. Hope all is well with you, my thoughts and prayers are with you!



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Sounds like a fun trip - now if only Bill would blog about it or anything for that matter. I guess you need to write a letter to Santa and ask for a new calender and see if he can talk your dad into doing another one. I love them too!