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I know, I took my time writing this blog, Sorry everyone. I'm usually better about it. Work has really kept me busy and it's almost impossible to find time. Anyways, yesterday was FHE and we went caroling at an assisted living home. How awesome was that! I was so amazed at how eager the elderly were to hear us sing, and even more to sing with us. We had a lot of fun..Afterwards we went to the institute building and drank hot chocolate. Now I need to tell you I'm the perfect klutz! I spilled the hot chocolate down the front of me. Can you say HOT?! while that wasn't my most intelligent move, it was still good hot chocolate. I taught the lesson, and I chose to talk about the Saviors Birth and how important the savior is. That this time of year we not only need to celebrate his birth but his life. That when we think about Christmas we need to think about giving not receiving, because that's the way the lord lived. He gave us his own life so that we might be saved. No greater gift could ever be given.

Anyways, so that's it from me. I'll try to write again soon and keep you posted.

My love to you all!


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