Happy Birthday To DAD!  

Posted by brookeaprilrain

So yesterday was my Dad's 65th birthday. This was my Dad with his siblings when he was 5 (yes only 60 years ago), the photo was taken in their living room in the house they lived in downtown.

Back Row L-R My Dad, and my Uncle Garn
Front Row L-R Uncle Kent, Aunt Jeannie, and Uncle Dennis

They were all so little and so cute...It's so awesome! I look at the picture of my Dad and he still has some of the same features. Haha!

I have a good Father, he's always there for me and I appreciate him Very much. I can't even tell you how many times he's been there for me when I've had a hard time. He's a good shoulder to cry on when you need it too!

Hope you had a great Birthday DAD!

Love your youngest Brooke!

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wow does Kevin look like the Hudson's or what?