Disgusted with Oprah  

Posted by brookeaprilrain

Okay, so maybe I'm the only one who cares, but did any of you see Charla Nash on Oprah the other day? I don't typically watch Oprah, but I was flipping through the channels, and happened upon this the other night (Oprah airs late at night too). The woman can't even see her face, and Oprah revealed her face on television. I was shocked, because the woman really has no face, there is no features of her previous face. This woman should Never have shown her face on TV, and Oprah should have Never done this to this poor woman. The woman probably agreed to go on TV because they were going to pay her a lot of money to show up on the show. That money would go to treatment for her, but still...at what cost? I really don't think she should have shown this poor woman's face, and now it's etched in my memory forever. I think I'll spare you all, and avoid posting a picture. Keep in mind that if you go searching for it that's at your own discretion, but be advised I warned you it's shocking. I'll just say this much, if I were to ever get paid to go on a TV show to reveal something that shocking I'll avoid Oprah that's for dang sure.

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