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So, I was thinking of things that I am tired of. However, rather than be negative I instead am opting to find the good things in life, and list out the blessings I have. So, here we go...

- I have an awesome Job
- I have wonderful parents
- I have amazing friends
- I have SO much Joy in my life
- I'm a member of a really great Choir
- I'm good with people
- I have a good phone voice
- I'm 21 and still holding, JK!
- I have a strong relationship with God
- I love my religion, it's who I am
- I have an Awesome Sister

You see, if you took inventory in your life the same way you take inventory at a job. You would find an endless supply of blessings in your life, and you would dwell less on the negative things that happen. Like the list above, I challenge all of my family and friends to do the same. Bad things happen, but they don't have to run your life. My Mom has always said, "This too shall Pass". She's so right, and I love her for the great advice she always gives me, and because of her I'm a better person. Love you Mom!

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Thanks alot that one got me crying. But I do love you. You are a wonderful daughter. MOM

I think your pretty awesome too sis. You get your smartness(lol) from mom and I love her too.

Well, when you have a great mother nothing is impossible.