Snow DAY!!  

Posted by brookeaprilrain

I wish they had called a snow day today! Man there is so much snow outside, just look below at a picture from my phone. This is what it looks like outside my window at work. Total White out!

Anyways, yesterday I was going to get a drink with a friend of mine and we looked at this guys desk that had a balloon on it with all of the disney princesses on it. Well, she says to me "Who is the chick in Mulan?" I was like "Mulan", then she says to me "What is her name?" I looked at her and started laughing, I could barely get out that her name was "Mulan". I'm thinking, how do you not know who Mulan is? I guess it just seems like second nature like Everyone should ALL know who the Disney princesses are, and I advised my friend that she was definitely sheltered if she didn't know that the Movie Mulan is the name of the character.

Also, last night I went to the Salt Lake City Cemetary with a friend for an Archaeology class. It was so dark out, but for some reason I was not scared. She had to find headstones for people who had passed away in the 1800's. It was crazy, we found a family of 9 children who passed away the same day. Then, we found a guy whose first wife died on his birthday. It was so sad to see all of these, but it was really cool to see. Then we found a few of the prophets and to be honest I have been to the SLC cemetary many times, but never thought to look for them before. It was REALLY cool. That cemetary is Huge!

Anyways, it was a good night. The most random things happen to me, which is crazy, but they do. As the random things keep coming up I'll be happy to keep sharing.

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Yes there is a mountain behind that building...

did Jenny find do any research on all those kids to see if there was a major out break or fire?

No not yet, I have to get the dates from her. I'm planning on doing that later today. We didn't have time yesterday.