Room mates  

Posted by brookeaprilrain

I'm enjoying my room mates, we're having a TON of fun. Today I went home for lunch, and I caught my room mate in the bathroom singing to herself. HAHA, U2 never sound so girly.

Anyways, we've had fun lately, Jenny had a date last night and he stayed late to watch a movie with us. I don't think he left until 1am, which is crazy but he was a lot of fun to hang out with. If anything I know she'll at least be friends with the guy.

I actually haven't been dating, which isn't a bad thing. Right now I've realized a few things, and they are:

- I need to get my life in order
- I need to find trust
- I need to accomplish goals that will propel me to where I want to be.

So, now once I accomplish these things, life will be a MILLION times easier and I'll feel better about dating when my life is in order.

Things at work are really good, is celebrating their 10 year anniversary which is so cool, because I've been with the company for at least 6 years of it. I've seen it go through many changes, and ups and downs. All I can say about it is it's a great company to work for. The CEO really cares about his employees, and it's always a lot of fun to work their. The people I get to work with are awesome, and one of them happens to be one of my best friends. Anyways, I love my job and I'm happy what more could I ask for?

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YAY! I found your blog!! I love keeping up thru blogs!!!

Great blog! Was it Jenny singing U2 in the shower? ;)

Yeah, she was in the bathroom singing away. She totally cracks me up.