Guess what I did!!!!!?  

Posted by brookeaprilrain

I was a dork, I got into a fight at Cafe Rio with some lady. It was insanity, and I got a black eye after she slammed my face on the back of a chair. I have a cut under my eye, and it's starting to turn purple.

Don't worry though, becuase you should see what I did to her..

Oh well, that's actually not what happened. I dropped my badge, and basically rammed my eye into the back corner of this chair infront of me. I didn't see it because there was a black coat on the back of it...So, more than likely I'll get a black eye...right now I have a cut but I'm pretty sure there will be some black and blue coloring. Hooray for make up right?

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it must be heredity. Earlier this week I dropped my pen on the floor at work and bent down and smacked my forehead on my desk. I saw stars I hit it so hard! If you do get a black eye we want pictures!!