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So, I work for the most amazing company Yesterday a friend of mine received donations from Overstock because financially her family was having a hard time. The donations helped her give her kids more gifts than she had ever been able to give.

Next the other amazing thing, is the people I work with.

We decided a year ago to turn food donations into a competition between our warehouse, our customer service, and our corporate office. See below:

Even better, they put us on the news:

How amazing is that? We were also on Channel 2 News as well, and FYI the Corporate office won the competition. I'm just so proud to work for this company! It's Christmas time, and we should help each other out as much as we can.

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I think that is so awesome sis. Made me want to cry that your company does that. So many people are in need and I am sure the food bank was so grateful. It will feed alot of people and that is great! Love you!

The crazy thing it really wasn't the company, more the employees that did it... The people I work with are all really amazing.