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so, Today has been a very interesting day.

I had to use the ladies room this morning here at work. I work on the second floor, and have to go a ways to get to use the facilities. Anyways, I get out there and there was a gentleman cleaning the ladies room. So, I couldn't go in. So I decided to take the huge staircase down to the first floor. Since I'm not fully functioning yet, it took me about 10 minutes to get down there. By the time I got down there, the guy from the 2nd floor had made his way down to the 1st floor and was cleaning the ladies room there. so, rather then take the stairs back up, I just took the Elevator, why couldn't I have done that in the first place! GRRR


Toilet of Life

In other news, the rest of my weekend was awesome. On Saturday I hung out with my sister and my Mom, that was a lot of fun. We went to Michael's, Dee pushed mom in a wheel chair, and I got to push the cart. I got support and so did Mom. Anyone that says you can't take disabled people shopping never went shopping with us. (uhm, Mom you aren't disabled). The craft we were going to do couldn't be done until Monday. However, I had plans for Monday and didn't get to make mine. Luckily I have a very nice brother in law who is comfortable in his manliness and he did my craft for me. So, to my Brother in Law Chad, thanks for helping Bro!

The rest of the weekend was fun and relaxing, I went to Orem and hung out with my room mates family. We stayed the night Sunday night, and I got to sleep in the coolest room with the most comfortable bed in the world. Just going there feels like I'm on vacation at a resort...I get to play Pinochle, (3 handed and 4 handed). They always have tons of food, and play tons of games. They even play TONS of Volleyball which is my favorite sport. I'm so jealous of them, because they have this awesome Volleyball set up in the back yard. They have a beautiful Deck, and the weekend was perfect even despite the rain.

This weekend I have a date with a guy in my ward. I was supposed to go out with him last Friday, but I was seriously not doing so well. I'm glad I'm doing better, and I'm excited I'm doubling with my room mate so I won't feel so awkward. YAY!

so, that's it for me for now. I'll probably have more to add later down the road. Love you all!


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That is really funny about the bathroom. You poor thing. I was thinking why didnt she take the elevator that dork. You cant really walk that great. Your funny. As long as you got to use the restroom then you were doing great right? Glad we could help you with your craft. You should put a pic up once you pick it up from my house. Love ya!

That's terrible - I would have wet myself by that point! Yes, please take a picture of your craft - I saw a picture of DeEtte's and they are pretty cute!