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So, This week and last week seem to have gone by in a blur. I made so many decisions that could be considered life altering. I chose not to be a trainer at work anymore. I think the decision was mostly based off of my values, and that I respect myself enough not work in a department that finds it easy to ignore and disrespect others. While they may or may not deny the allegations of Discrimation, it was infact a huge reason why I chose to leave the department. I still work for Overstock, but currently work with our partners. I don't see it as a step down, because as Stormy sees things, we're all equal in the company. "It is what it is" I say.

Anyways, I found out on Sunday that my actual calling in church is Activities committee,'s the kicker. It's the stake activities committee, and we are a part of 9 different stakes. Which all of this is just SO crazy. I have my first meeting tonight...I'm a bit nervous, it just seems like a huge calling for little ol' me to have. It will be good though.

Then, on Tuesday I found out I get to give a talk in church on September 21st. My talk will be on "Opening Our Hearts" which is a talk that Gerald N. Lund gave in General Conference in April. So, I have about a week and half to prepare this talk, and I'm praying the lord will get me through. I knew it would happen, just wasn't prepared for it to happen so soon. Oh well, it's all good.

Also, I have a second date with that guy this weekend. I sort of already told him that I'm starting to like him, but that I wasn't sure what to do about it. Do you know what his exact response was? "Well, how about this, what are your plans for This saturday". Yeah we're going to the State Fair, and I'm looking forward to it. I'll be hanging out with him tonight at our Stake Volleyball game. We'll see how that goes.

So, that's it from me...I can't think of any other news...Life is what it is...we have more important things to focus on in our lives to worry about things we cannot change. I'm gonna start adopting that in my life, and hopefully I won't stress out as much. We can all hope, right?

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Wow I think that subject for your talk is tremendous. Especially since we have a family member who seems to not be able to do that. Go with what you feel and you will do absolutly fine sis. I believe in you. I am excited to hear about your date. Please call and let me know how it goes. Good Luck!!!