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Okay, so I've had quite a few people ask me how my date went on Saturday. Since this was our 2nd date...I think everyone had high hopes. It's funny, because being around this guy he is PAINFULLY shy. Which is fine, but it makes me feel awkward when I'm around him. When I talk to him on the phone, he's really cool and confident which is great...Well, we went to the State Fair the shows we saw were a lot of fun. However, I just felt so uncomfortable the Entire time because he was so awkward. He's such a nice guy though...grr so frustrating. Anyways, Here is a picture that I took. He didn't know what he was really posing for, he just sat behind the board and didn't realize just how funny it looked. I was trying to be funny, but he didn't think it was so funny.


After that, we walked around, and came up on this really awesome Tiger show. It was amazing! They were so calm and cool, and playful with their trainers. It was awesome, this is one of the tigers I took a picture of with crummy cell phone.

Tiger Show

Anyways, so, I think I'm gonna just be friends with this guy. I think it's the right thing to do since in my presence he acts so awkward, and I feel SO uncomfortable. I think even when he asks me out again, which I know he will because he keeps calling me that I'll just tell him that we should really just hang out as friends.

On to other our Stake Conference on Sunday M. Russell Ballard gave a talk about opening our hearts. Uhm...yeah that's the topic of my talk this coming Sunday. I figure, there really must be an important purpose for me to give this talk if members of my ward are going to hear it 3 times this's actually okay, I took awesome notes and will use them in my talk. I'd love to have family there, I've asked my Sister DeEtte to go, but she has the kids that weekend so I'm not sure if she can make it. My parents probably won't be able to cause my Dad works, and I doubt my other brothers can make it. My friend Leslie and her husband will be there, and my room mates mother will be there. I'm really looking forward to it, and especially since it's been 14 years since my last talk. I hope I do it justice.

Physical therapy for my knee is going REALLY well, after only 4 weeks I'm able to bend my leg to a 117 degree angle. It's getting there, and I just have a little way to go...I'm so excited! I actually find myself enjoying physical therapy. I used to think they were set out to torture me, but I see now that it's for my own benefit.

Anyways, so that's it from me this week. I'll let you know how the talk went.

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I think you should give him more time. I have found in my vast and lonnnnggggg dating life that being shy isn't so bad and once they get to know you it won't be so awkward! DO some group dates of two or three couples so you don't have to work so hard. I don't think 2 dates is enough time to decide anything.

AMEN Aunt Peg. I told her the same thing. If you dont like him its ok, just give him somet time to get to know you and then he might open up.