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YAY it's Wednesday! Wait, that's not actually a good thing. That means I have two more days left of craziness. I'm going to St. George this weekend. Hopefully, I'll get to see my brother on Saturday night. I haven't seen them in a while, and it'll be nice to see them before Halloween.

I'm still getting used to the short haircut. It's definitely different, and new. I miss having tons of things to do with it. I tried round brushing it. SO many people suggested that idea to me, which was awesome. However, I'm not very good at it. So, I've been experimenting and doing fun things with it. I'm getting more and more used it though.

Also, this week my friend Jenny moved in, she didn't have anywhere to live. She didn't want to live with people she didn't know, and to help her with rent (as well as myself) she moved in and we are now sharing a room. Let's hope my other Room mate Diana gets married next year, because I have a feeling Jenny and I will have our struggles sharing a room. I've known her since I was 15, but we didn't become friends until I was 19. She's a very supportive friend, and cares a lot for people. I'm really glad she moved in.

Anyways, that's it for me...

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