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Okay, so I decided I would come up with a new idea to freshen up this blog. I decided I'm going to write a review every week on a book that I've read. Since I usually read books within a couple of days this shouldn't be a problem. I just finished reading the Fabelhaven series, and LOVED IT! There is a last book to the series that doesn't come out until March or April of Next year. Which is fine, because I'm okay with waiting. The books are meant for kids, but I'm a kid at heart and Love them. If you haven't heard about these books well, then you should at least check them out.

I was so impressed by the books, but first let me say if you are a slow reader plan on it taking about a month to get through the first four books. It's fascinating how the author 'Brandon Mull' writes his characters, and what happens to them. He's not overly descriptive, and it's enough detail that you get what he's talking about. The story is about a Brother & Sister named Seth and Kendra, and it's about the adventures they experience at the farm where their grandparents live. When I say FARM that's an understatement it's much more than that...If you read the books you'll know what I mean.


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