Pesto and Grilled Cheese?  

Posted by brookeaprilrain

Okay, so I have this new obsession. It's called Pesto Sauce. You might have heard of it. I'm not sure why I have it, but I do. I've been putting it on almost everything I eat (except for yogurt and cereal, that would be just nasty). I had this grilled cheese sandwich at this restaraunt called Zupa's, and I've never been the same. You put Munster Cheese, American Cheese, a Tomato, and Pesto Sauce. Then you grill the sandwich. Once it's cooked, it's the most amazing sandwich I've ever tasted. The only trouble is it's like 600 + calories. Oh well, so worth it. Now, because of that sandwich I put the Pesto sauce on the side of everything, and it just all tastes SO good. Oh well, this phase shall pass just like every other random phase in my life. Now if I could actually just do something normal I'll be alright.

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