Has it really been 3 months?  

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Okay so can I say I'm the worst blogger in the world? I need to get back in the game I think! So, here's something funny. I hung out with my room mate and her boyfriend this weekend, and had a random moment where I took their picture with my Camera Phone, and I did a little photo shopping and got the following out of it:

Then here is the fake letter I sent to Diana with the above image attached.

Dear Diana,

Have you ever wanted thick illustrious shiny hair? I bet you do! Well Now you Can! With only two applications of our amazing formula you can receive hair just like me, because I'm not only the president I'm also a client!

So, act now, and receive your first two applications for only $1,500.00, and that's not all you will get!

You will also receive, 5 free scalp massages by one of our qualified and trained proffesionals. As well as 6 free bottles of our hair maximizing Shampoo and Conditioner. This will keep your hair illustrious and shiny, and attract all members of the opposite sex.

Now why do you ask can we guarantee such an offer such as this? Well, I'll tell you, our formula contains a chemical that mesmerizes the opposite sex, and they will see you for the true beauty you really are.

So again, act NOW before this offer ends.

Expires: 01/01/9001

*Disclaimer - No money back if product fails. May cause blindness if you get it in your eyes. Also, it may cause cancer in your right earlobe or left earlobe depending on what ear you listen out of most. Customers have also complained of hearing loss, nausea, lack of taste, the Hershey squirts, brown teeth, green finger, and even possibly what's known as yellow nail. Furthermore, it may also cause memory loss so make sure to put post it notes on everything in your home (including your family members, and pets). Moreover be advised that members of the same sex may attempt to scratch your eyes out, kick you, and seek to end your life. They might also want spread rumors about you around the workplace leaving you no choice but to live in a hole.


Jeffrey Dean Prescott, Esquire.

P.S. See our ad in Jeff Hairclub for Men Magazine (image attached for your convenience)

So, that's what my weekend was like, and again sorry for not posting in while. I've been busy, when you get a new position at work. Life takes on a whole new meaning you know?

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