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So, I got food poisoning over the weekend. It was Horrible, both my room mate and I were miserable. We decided it was the mac and cheese we ate. Oh well, it's over now and I feel Way better.

So, I'm reading this book called Brisingr (Pronounced Brising-gur)It's awesome! It's the 3rd book to the Eragon series. The movie was stupid, but the books are amazing. It almost reminds me of Lord of the Rings, but it has it's own concept. If you get a chance to read these books I HIGHLY recommend it. They are big books but well worth the read.

So, I was talking to a friend the other day, he's samoan. Well, he stopped off at a gas station in texas on his way home with his Cousin. They were walking around looking at stuff, now my friend is a big guy. Well, he saw this weird food and wasn't sure what it was, so he asked the teller what it was. The only thing the guy said to him was "food very good, you buy or put back!" (In an asian tone). Okay, so they thought he was joking or thought they were in a movie. The guy thought they were going to rob him or something. So, rather than buy something they walked out. So now, every time I talk to him or anyone else that knows the story I say "You Buy or Put back" (really fast).

So, I'm really excited. The CEO of our company decided to throw his own personal party at Salt Air. He's having Jason Mraz play, and we all get to go for free. On top of that he's treating everyone to dinner as well. So, we get free food and an awesome concert on top of that. I thought it was pretty cool. The concert is on the 28th or 29th of October. I'm so Stoked!

So, that's been me this week, I know...so awesome right!? J/K

Love you all!


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